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Air Conditioner Repair

Keeping Cool in the Twin Cities with Air Conditioner Repair from Anderson Heating

While it does take time for those hot, steamy summer days to finally arrive in the Twin Cities area, when you finally “crank up” the air conditioning, there is nothing worse than having the unit blow warm air—or start making really strange grinding or cranking noises. When this problem occurs, the prescription is Anderson Heating.

Our NATE-certified technicians will arrive at your home or commercial property quickly. We do a comprehensive inspection to determine the cause of the problem. We discuss options with you, and once you have made a decision, we start on the repair immediately.

We understand that it can be difficult to trust service people in your home or business, but we make it easier for you. In fact, many of our customers truly appreciate the level of professionalism shown by our staff members, as documented by our many testimonials.

Technician Education Allows Us to Service All Makes and Models

While many HVAC companies may appear to be the same, we know it is all about service and meeting ever-changing customer needs. Continuous education is part of our core business model, as new codes and concerns arise every year. We provide in-house, factory, and school training, because this sets our technicians apart from the rest. This training also allows us to service virtually any make or model, so you can come home to comfort.

We can also perform routine maintenance on your unit, which helps reduce unneeded repairs. While there, we can show you insider tips to keep your unit functioning properly for years.

Other Cooling Options from Anderson Heating

While most home and business owners consider central A/C the only option, ductless systems and heat pumps provide dual cooling and heating options. They are highly energy-efficient and can provide cost-effective options, depending on your needs. Our knowledgeable techs not only install these units, but can also perform maintenance, and when needed, make small repairs.

When Do You Repair or Replace?

When you have an older unit that has experienced several repairs in a relatively short time period, it could be time to replace your system. Our NATE-certified technicians will offer honest advice and let you know when it is time to invest in a more efficient and cost-effective unit. We walk you through the options and help you with a fast and efficient install.

Why Choose Anderson?

Looking for honesty and integrity as well as friendly service? Look no further—Anderson’s is here to help you. Call us at 715-549-6297 or 651-430-0685 to schedule an appointment today.