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Hot Water Boiler Systems Deliver Efficient Warmth to Western Wisconsin Families

Boilers are still used in many historic Western Wisconsin homes and businesses, as they were the heating system of choice back in the day and can still deliver high energy-efficiency ratings.

The word boiler is somewhat confusing in that these systems do not actually boil water—they typically heat it to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so the heat is comfortable. Boilers also work with room radiators and radiant flooring systems.

Ongoing Education Allows Anderson Heating to Service Boiler Systems

Boilers can be complicated to repair and maintain as you are combining a fuel source, such as gas or oil, with hot water and a piping system.

The NATE-certified professionals at Anderson Heating have been working on boilers for decades, so we understand their “quirky” nature inside and out. Boiler systems can deliver exceptionally long life with annual maintenance. Our routine service check includes checking the controls and gauges, inspecting and adjusting the burner, and looking for any leaks or blockages. We can also perform any necessary repairs, should we find any issues.

Why Choose a Boiler System From Anderson Heating?

Boiler systems provide clean and dust-free heat, a major plus for homeowners who react negatively to the dust, pollutants, and other allergens that can be stirred up and driven throughout the home by forced-air heating systems. These units are also are very desirable when it comes to staying true to the design integrity of older structures and historic homes.

We are a proud Bryant® dealer because their boilers offer hard-working durability for whole-home comfort. Boilers are available in a variety of models to fit your comfort needs, home design, and family or business lifestyle.

Why Choose Anderson?

Ongoing training is one of the keys to our success, and we believe that investing in our employees delivers great results for you. Our main goal is that you come home to comfort.

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