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Garage Heaters

DIYers, Weekend Warriors, and Crafters Can Benefit from Garage or “She-Shed”

When it’s cold and miserable outdoors, Twin Cities families don’t give up on activities—we tend to “tough” it out. Fortunately, having a heated garage, workshop, or “she-shed”—the counterpart to the “man cave”—can make those activities much more enjoyable.

In addition, a warm garage can be an ideal option if you have elderly parents or small children—as getting them in or out of the car will be so much more comfortable—and for you as well. Plus, who doesn’t want to come out to a warm garage in the morning?

Additional Benefits of Garage Heaters

Garage or shed heaters offer other benefits, such as:

  • Improved Transfer Areas—whether you are loading and unloading items or passengers, it will be much easier in a warmer environment
  • Happy Staff Members—if your business involves servicing or maintaining vehicles, you can provide enhanced working conditions
  • Comfortable Convenience—for car guys and other DIYers during the long winter months
  • Reduced Idling—you can warm your car or truck up quickly, which greatly reduces risk of carbon monoxide build-up
  • Protection—temperature-sensitive items like electronics can be stored safely
  • Precise Control—you can change the temperature level depending on the weather and outdoor air temperature

Anderson Heating offers a variety of gas heaters in several sizes to meet your needs.

Anderson Heating Is the Best Choice for Garage Heater Installation and Repairs

While it is easier to add a garage or shed heater during a new construction project, we can also perform retrofits. For new construction, we will look at your blueprints, and then design and install the perfect system to fit your space.

If you need a retrofit, our technicians will measure your garage, workshop, shed, or whatever space needs heating, because it’s vital to install a properly sized heater. If you oversize the unit, it could waste energy and increase your heating bills, while an under-sized unit won’t be able to maintain the proper level of comfort. Our technicians have been well-versed in this technology, so they perform efficient installs and can make repairs when needed.

We also service all makes and models, including Reznor.

Let Anderson Add a New Comfort Level for Your Family or Business

Looking to increase your comfort level during our brutal winters?

Call Anderson at 715-549-6297 or 651-430-0685 to chat with our staff about garage heaters.