Humidifier Installation, Repair & Maintenance


Humidifiers Go the “Extra Mile” to Ensure Soothing Warmth in the Twin Cities Area

Winter sometimes comes early to the Twin Cities area. While we love being outside skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and engaging in snowball fights, the dry air inside air can make us a bit miserable. Dry air can make your skin feel like the Sahara Desert, and make your nasal passages very uncomfortable, causing difficulty breathing or nose bleeds. Not to mention the impact the dry air has on hardwood floors and cabinets—once your wood is cracked, it’s a big repair.

Families and businesses in the area have been relying on Anderson Heating for humidifier installation and maintenance for years. The proper level of humidity offers many benefits:

  • Humid air feels warmer, allowing you to turn down the thermostat and save on bills
  • Raw noses feel better as it reduces sniffles and sneezing
  • Family members with respiratory concerns breathe easier
  • Hardwoods maintain a consistent level of humidity for longer life without service

Some humidifiers can be integrated into existing heating systems, while others are standalone units. Our trained staff can help you select the proper model.

We also provide filters and regular maintenance for forced-air humidification systems, so you can keep your unit running efficiently and effectively.

Your Best Choice for Air and Humidity Control is Anderson Heating

Need air or humidity control? Call the experts at Anderson. Our techs are continuously trained on all the latest units, so we can provide the best advice and service.

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